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Rockabilly Shirt - STEADY THE SHAKE DOWN - Black
Here's a brand-new, really Cool shirt from Steady! Black with blue-green blue front panels, and...
In stock: 3
SEK 635
Hawaiian Shirt ST. TROPEZ - Blue 50s Style
Very handsome 50s blue colorful Hawaiian shirt. This is "real" Rayon - the only proper material...
In stock: 7
SEK 425
Rockabilly Shirt STEADY V8 Pinstripe - black
Wonderful RETRO shirt from Steady Clothing! Black with single front panel in Sage. Awesome...
In stock: 3
SEK 625
Hawaiian Shirt BIRDS OF PARADISE - Red
Truly awesome Hawaiian shirt in "real" Rayon - the only proper material for these shirts.
In stock: 1
SEK 425
Hawaiian Shirt LOWRIDER - Blue
Great-looking blue Hawaiian shirt a cool lowrider. This is "real" Rayon - the only proper...
In stock: 9
SEK 425
50s POLKA-DOT Belt - red & white
Very cute polka-dot belt - this is true 50s style!
In stock: 10
SEK 140
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Welcome to our store! We'we been selling retro clothing since 2007. Cool clothes never go out of style - ain't that great? Kinda like classic cars, bikes and boats!

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